How, why, when, where and what

How, why, when, where and what

Diane Haines

I began my little business back in 2005 part time while i managed a cafe and 2 x small children under 5. 

It quickly took over and became a full time job working school hours 5 x days per week.  I loved it.  I chose my own hours and never missed on anything my kids activities and events.

in 2013 i started to employ people to work for me as it got too much for me a lone and i have never looked back.

2014 to 2015 i had an opportunity to really grow but got scared.

2017 did a course of self development and growth, changed the way i looked at things, joined a network of small businesses in my area, got a business coach and now i am ready for bigger and more exciting things.

I love my job, my customers and my staff. My job as a cleaner is satisfying and fulfilling as it a way of helping people even though i get paid i have the pleasure of making peoples lives more enjoyable as they get tot spend time with family and friends instead of cleaning their homes.

My customers are amazing.  I love the feedback i get when they walk in to their freshly cleaned home and tell me how relaxed and peaceful they feel and how happy they are with he results.  my staff well i wouldn't be here with out them and i appreciate their hard work and commitment to their job. thy are not my staff alone they become family.  I do what i can to make a difference in their lives both personally and in their future prospects.  

I look forward t creating a business like no other in my industry where C stands for customer service with a smile, L stands for looking up, down and around, E stands for elbow grease A stands for attention to detail, N stands for neat and tidy. 

my future blogs will contain lots of tricks of the trade and and information about cleanliness, my products, advise, how too's and lots more.

Living the dream

Diane xx